figure 8
an auspicious number according to the Chinese, has appeared off and on in my life as a symbol of good fortune — a fluid symbol of things which
are organic, infinite, and powerful.

Part artist and part problem solver, Simona Bortis-Schultz creates dynamic, conceptual, versatile + award winning work for companies both large and small. Simona's work is visually rich and illustrational, and relevant to the client's needs and focus. She has paid her dues at some of the most award winning firms in Upstate NY, NYC and Portland, OR. She holds a BA in Advertising and a BA in Visual Design, from the University of Oregon, and is originally from Eastern Europe ( Arad, Romania infact ). Simona loves visual challenges and creating beautiful conceptual work, that engages the audience in a meaningful and impactful way. She is lucky to have the pleasure of working with partners and collaborators, to expand the gamut of possibilities. 
Outside the world of design and illustration, Simona enjoys culinary experiences with her family in rural Upstate NY.

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AIGA’s Best of Oregon
AIGA's NY State of Design

client work
Aurora Design, The Austen Riggs Center, The Center for Internet Security, Coppolla Design, Genart, The Guthrie Center, José Limón Dance, Manifest llc, Monrovia Nurseries, Mountain View Group, Oberlander Group, The Patient Experience Project, Plazm Media, Raven Sun Creative, The Sage Colleges, Scholastic, Storey Publishing and 2Communiqué

Drop me a line at or a chat me up at 518.229.3031.