Passion Projects

Pushing through the everyday in the pursuit of passion projects is a recent ambition. For now this means working on things in my head on my morning commute, or early on weekends and whenever a “spare moment “ presents itself. Squeezing out those precious creative moments for myself whenever possible to pursue dreams in the making.. always..

music music music + juicy lettering

It has been a blast this summer to create a custom illustration and lettering for The Guthrie Center for their August Talkin' Concert Series. Hats off to a great collaboration with Sarah Lee and her family. 


Season's Greetings

Sometimes you need to change things up a little from year to year, as in the holiday card concept for The Austen Riggs Center for 2017. For this year's holiday card, something light hearted, touching on the natural magic of the season infused with a vintage quality seemed to speak best. 



YES! a great attitude to have a great way to approach new experiences and opportunities. To push past the usual and trying something newish and animated.

Yes animated